authorised and exclusive sales agent for Kerakoll products in the Czech Republic

Our company is a long-term seller of products by the Kerakoll company, the leader in the development and production of innovative, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving products that help to accomplish a new, dynamic building philosophy supporting nature conservation and human health.
The solutions used in Kerakoll’s GreenBuilding are very positive for the environment from many aspects: they limit CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, use recycled materials, and reduce the energy consumption from building operation. The introduction of systems with low emissions of harmful substances supports environmental protection and improves the quality of air.

Why cooperate with us?

  • Environment

    Kerakoll’s production program offers a unique range of products focused on improving the health conditions and the quality of life.

  • Economic advantages

    You can save up to 40% of energies and increase the value of your property with Kerakoll’s products in and environmentally friendly manner gentle to the nature.

  • Stable business partner

    Kerakoll is the global leader in solutions for GreenBuilding and offers the best of the world’s production of hygienic products free of chemical additions.

Are you interested in cooperating with us?

  • High-quality materials

    A satisfied customer is our sole aim. This is why we decided to supply premium quality materials and systems focusing on health, economic benefits, affordability and design to the market.

  • More than 20 years of experience

    Our company Ecomineral has more than 25 years of experience in the field and is the number one on the Czech market owing to the long-term and close cooperation with Kerakoll.

  • NewOnline consumption calculator

    Are you thinking about new tiles or grout for your bathroom and are not sure how much you need to buy? Our company Ecomineral has created an online calculator for you

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